Top 7 Health Trends of 2020

Published on 03/04/2020

We are well into the new year and by now many people have slacked off on those new year’s resolutions. If you’re looking for inspiration to get back on the health track or if you’re just curious about what is trending then this list is for you!

Top 7 Health Trends Of 2020

Top 7 Health Trends Of 2020


DNA Diets – Customizable Nutrition

Years ago the blood group diet gained widespread momentum and the idea of a diet designed just for you has captivated many a health-conscious dieter. With the advances in medical science and technology, we now have the ability to custom design a diet for anyone based on their DNA profile. Working with that profile and a qualified nutritionist you can consume all the best foods for your body and be more successful with weight management.

VR Sports

Gone are the days when you have to drag yourself out of the house in tight-fitting gym attire in order to go for a run. Whether you acquire a VR game system and play games such as Beatsabre or Nintendo’s RingFit or go the professional route with a high-tech rowing machine you can have a serious workout while having fun and never leaving the privacy of your living room.

Sustainable Cosmetics

The ethical standards of the cosmetics industry came under attack a short time ago creating some serious distress amongst millions of consumers worldwide and since then people have been continually holding suppliers accountable for sourcing and ingredients to ensure safer products. Along with that, there are companies that are taking a completely different approach to environmentally friendly packaging.

CBD products

The growing number of countries and states legalizing and decriminalizing Cannabis has led to CBD oil becoming more easily available than it was before. While CBD products have been available for around a decade, the strict laws governing the use and legal sale of Cannabis products made it nearly impossible to find CBD oil, not to mention the decades of the stigma placed on the herb that still hampers the acceptance of its valuable properties.

Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based meat substitutes have taken the foodie world by storm! Products like the Impossible Burger and Beyond burger are something that seemed like a fantasy only a few years ago. Now they can be bought from supermarkets and can be incorporated into meal plans for anyone.

Plant Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods

Wellness Vacations

People are becoming more and more aware of the fact that many conventional practices are less healthy than we thought. Vacations are no exception! The trend we can expect to see an increase in popularity is vacationing with a focus on true relaxation and health benefits. Think yoga, guided meditations, vegan food experiences, and mocktails.

Sugar Alternatives

The quest for sugar alternatives is a never-ending one. With the increasing hostility to chemical sweeteners and outrage generated by the effects of agave farming, the health industry is pressed to find other alternatives and they have not disappointed. Some new sweeteners you should be keeping an eye out for come from monk fruit, pomegranates, and dates!